Ladies Night Podcast
Ladies Night Podcast
Whether it's Ladies Night In or Out, this is what we're talking about!

About Us


It all started…

During a ladies night in, Shavonne Holton exposed parts of her own story that she had not revealed before. At first, she felt embarrassed by breaking the promise to take her secrets to the grave. However, when one of her friends responded that she shared a similar experience, Shavonne felt both included and liberated. That evening, the concept for Ladies Night Podcast was born. Through the podcast, Shavonne wanted to help other women feel less isolated through vulnerable conversations with guests and solo episodes.   

Since its’ first episode aired in August 2017, Ladies Night Podcast has had over two thousand plays internationally covering a variety of topics. From the foundations of authentic friendships to forgiving the unthinkable and planning an epic ladies night, the podcast has empowered guests and listeners to live in their truth while aspiring for more. As the community expanded, it could no longer be contained and grew to include events such as movie nights and the first annual EnVision Board Brunch in October 2018.  

Ladies Night Empowerment was founded in May 2018 as an umbrella for the podcast, events, gatherings, and workshops. Our mission is to use connection to elevate. Our vision is to cultivate lasting relationships with women and brands that help women to grow into the best version of themselves. From health and finances to beauty and relationships, our efforts are to validate and enhance the quality of lived experiences for women. We believe if you know your self-worth, you will be better able to show up in your career, family, relationships, and dreams.       


Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back!


In our efforts to support women, our concentration includes uplifting young women. Therefore, a portion of the proceeds from these initiatives is allocated to the Visionary Scholarship fund. The Visionary Scholarship is available to graduating high school and undergraduate students in pursuit of additional education or a vision that serves girls and women. Ultimately, the aim of Ladies Night Empowerment is to inspire women and to support the dreams of the next generation of empowered women.       


Ladies Night Empowerment Team

Signature Services 

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Ladies Night Empowerment offers unique services for personal and professional development. Our mission is to elevate women through pivotal programs, essential exposure, and vulnerable conversations about the issues that matter to us most!


envision Board workshop

On the brink of change? Take a leap into limitless possibilities with our EnVision Board workshop! Based on our annual event, this customizable workshop will help your group imagine new possibilities and identify actions steps to propel your life or corporation forward.


brand Ambassador

Want to expand your company’s influence? Book Ladies Night Empowerment as your beauty, fashion, or entertainment brand ambassador! Through various platforms, we use innovative strategies to not only optimize sales, but to organically establish brand loyalty. No #ads here!     

Photo by Cliff Canon

Photo by Cliff Canon

event Hosting

Need a poised emcee for a formal banquet or an energetic host for a bachelorette party? Secure Ladies Night Empowerment for a guest appearance at your next event! Let us ease your worries and help you to create an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression.