Dying to Be Free: Transparency with Erica "TheFlyWon" Scott

Erica "TheFlyWon" Scott is a proud mother, stylist, and podcaster. In this episode, we discuss the importance of transparency and her recovery as the survivor of a suicide victim. She explains the difference between a villain and victim to expose how suicide is not a selfish act. Instead, it is a response to hopelessness. Erica shared the following resources for other survivors including:

  • Dying to Be Free: A Healing Guide for Families After a Suicide by Beverly Cobain and Jean Larch (book)

  • Survivors of Suicide (SOS) http://www.survivorsofsuicide.com/ (support group)

  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention https://afsp.org/ (support group)

  • Good Therapy (a database to find a local therapist) https://www.goodtherapy.org/

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