Taking Care of "Her" with Morgan


It’s V-Day! Not Valentine’s Day, but the episode in which we discuss vaginal health with Morgan Henry. She is the founder of Yoni Love, a wellness brand in which feminine care is key and is the ultimate act of self-care. Morgan’s mission is to promote natural health and to empower women to talk more openly about their yoni.  

*Yoni (yo-ne) is the Sanskrit word for vagina or womb and translates to “sacred space” and “source of life.”

In this episode, Morgan and Shavonne do a live yoni steam and discuss the origins of this historical practice. Morgan also shares a story in which she spoke out against vaginal shaming and how she took the radical leap into full-time entrepreneurship. Listen closely for the special offer Morgan has for the listeners of Ladies Night Podcast. Visit https://yoniloveshop.com/ for more information and use the promo code: Ladies Night at checkout.

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