Look Back At It: Reflections on Ladies Night Podcast & Style


Let’s take a look back at some of our style choices and past episodes with the Bonnet Babes and Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant Cynthia. From defining friendship a year later to updating our standards in dating, this episode full of laughs, updates, and style insights!

For this episode, we recorded live at Indy Reads Books to gear up for our EnVision Board Brunch! If you missed the recording, it is not too late! We will be collecting magazines and new glue sticks to be used for the vision boards during the brunch. Contact us at hello@ladiesnightpodcast.com for more information.

Don’t miss your chance to meet Cynthia during our EnVision Board Brunch on October 21, 2018! www.envisionboardbrunch.com


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[Music: "Go Girl" by Sydnee Blane]