Love, Your Future Self <3 #VonneVoyage

Thank you for taking a chance on me!
— The Future Shavonne

“Sometimes you have to speak VICTORY during the test.”

- Donald Lawrence (Encourage Yourself)

During my final weeks in Dallas, I attempted to land jobs and find other means to fund the rest of the #VonneVoyage to California. As you will hear in this very transparent episode, I did make it to San Diego, but not without a period of uncertainty.

At the peak of my growing anxiety, I decided to pause. I took a deep breath. I did what the younger version of me learned to do to cope with life and that was to WRITE! I encouraged myself by imagining the gratitude my future self would have because the present me kept going. I spoke hope into her. I spoke to the part of her that was still hurt by losing opportunities that would have suffocated the possibility of the #VonneVoyage had everything gone right.

Maybe you are at a similar crossroads between who you used to be and what you can become. At this point, it can feel as if you’ve stepped outside of the box enough or maybe the box has nice pillows. By the end of this episode, however, I hope that you write a letter from your future self and begin to take the steps to become her (or him). Stay encouraged!  

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